About Us:

Title II Arms is a Pennsylvania based company servicing customers on the world-wide web, specializing in constructing gun parts, development and support. The company was established in 2010 and holds a customer base nationwide.

We make EVERY new part by hand when orders are placed.
Nothing is "shipped in" from anywhere except the raw materials.

We are fully licensed 07/C2 Holder

Our main focus is Manufacturing, Sales and NFA Transfers.

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Title II Arms to provide owners and enthusiasts with high quality products that fulfill their wants and needs at the right price.

    We hope that you will consider Title II Arms as your provider for Uzi, Mac and  MP5 Custom Gun Builds, parts and accessory needs!

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The Customer Speaks...

Guy has done custom work for me as well. He built me the first K extension. Went the extra
mile and fluted the extension so it didn't look so plain and then blued and polished it. Very,
very nice. He's about to do another custom job for me too. Another first. More info in a
couple weeks. 
A few weeks ago I shot Guy an email asking about some custom made extensions from title
II arms . he was easily contacted and replied within minutes . I was pleasantly surprised to
find out he was willing to make what i was wanting ...
First I got basically and 8 inch flash hider to permanently attach to my pxp until I get off
my rear and sbr it . I think it came out great and the fit and quality are fantastic ..
Second if a fat fake suppressor I had build for a .40 k pdw thats in the works as we
speak ...looks equally great .
I can't say enough about Guy and his company . Fantastic to deal with and exceptional
work AND a great price . I've actually tried to buy a fake Mac suppressor two times at other
places. Both times I placed the order online, just to later get a note that they were back
ordered, and I cancelled the order.
Now I am so glad I didn't get the other products, because that meant I was still in the
market for one, when the TitleIIarms one came out.
My favorite things about it is, it doesn't weigh a metric ton. That is rounded up from the all
steel ones This one is light.
Second is the fit and finish are great. It feels solid and threads on nice and tight, and the
set screw to hold it is a nice touch. The textured type finish on the 2 stage is provides really
positive grip.
I had to go for the 2 stage look as I believe anything else just doesn't look as good on a
stock Mac type gun.
Having only shot the gun stock with the front strap I am really looking forward to trying it
with something real to hold on to.
Once I get my M11/22 my stock upper will be getting a lot more use than it has since my
Mac 11 showed up, so I am happy I picked this up.                                             G43nut

Just ordered a fake suppressor from Title II. For reasons beyond their control, my new
Vector Uzi seems to have a none standard length barrel (it was bought brand new), so the
fake can is too long. I just sent it back and Title II are making one that will fit my barrel
perfectly. Big thumbs up on their excellent customer service, I highly recommend them if
you want a fake suppressor. The one they sent was really nicely made, just a little too long.
Purchased one of his flash hiders for the MP5, about the end of last week, received it
yesterday, it looks good, fits good, I had great communications with Guy, will be sending
more business his way for some suppressor covers in the not too distant future